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What a fun 34th edition of the Brakkenfestival

The Brakkenfestival was back from away during its 34th edition. And how: for two days children made fun at the Optisport Kunstijsbaan in Breda. 


Children found a friendly reception upon arrival and were given a wristband to put their name and phone number on. Then children passed DJ Wesley where kids danced to songs like 'the floor is lava'.


There were many creative activities. Children made hearts and dinosaurs from string beads. Sometimes the beads were just too long or too short, but fortunately the kids didn't mind.


With clay and beads and sequins children made the cutest rainbow fish or spider webs. Or kids painted the most colorful paintings for mom, dad, grandpa, grandma or just for themselves.


New this year was making mosaic letters. Children made their name (or another word) with small squares. Pasting for a while was a great success.


Children could also make a family portrait. You first drew your family and then made a frame with wooden ice sticks so it became a real portrait.


In the Dream Worlds activity, children made all kinds of worlds from slime balls and decorations. They let their imaginations run wild here.


Traditional flower arrangement making got a makeover: Using dried flowers, children made a flower cake to take home at the end of the day.


The children loved participating in the beauty activities. Braiding hair with artificial hair in the hairdressing corner, face painting as a tiger or spiderman, painting nails (alternate colors, why do all nails the same color?), or a glitter tattoo in a shape you chose yourself.


Free fruits and vegetables were feasted heavily. Liters of free flavored water were also drunk.

Children could also get their own treats: decorate cupcakes with fondant, icing and all kinds of decorations or bake traditional cookies in the oven and take home a bag of cookies. The volunteers here were there with a big smile, despite the sometimes sore hands from kneading dough for the hundreds of cookies the children wanted to bake.


Kids kickboxed with gloves to burn off their energy and played big-screen games against or with friends in the game corner. Children also played on a fireman's air cushion or the extra-large survival course. Sports enthusiasts played hefty badminton or soccer.


Little ones
For toddlers there was a merry-go-round, where older kids also regularly took a spin. Small kids played on the center square with Duplo or jumped on the toddler cushion.


All the kids chilled out. Some at a picnic table near the catering, others sat with a book in the reading corner. A point to recharge for a moment before playing again.

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31 juli 2022