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The Brakkenfestival is an event for children ages 4 through 12 who, under the guidance of expert volunteers, have fun in a responsible manner.


Traditionally, the festival takes place in the first week of the elementary school vacations. The children's holiday week is then the largest children's event in Brabant and unique in its kind. An event Breda is proud of!

The Brakkenfestival is also online with all kinds of fun things to do. For example, an activity to not get bored, something creative, a work-out, balloon experiments or reading a book. Everything comes along, as you are used to from the Brakkenfestival.

  1. Volunteers

    You contribute to the enjoyment of children. You guide an activity, along with other volunteers. Find out what you invest and what you get back. 

  1. Parents

    Your child plays under the guidance of expert volunteers at a wide range of activities. Your child has fun with us without you being there: of course, you are welcome to take a look.

  1. Partnership

    Every year, more than 150 companies, funds and organizations partner with the Brakkenfestival. This can be with money or products. Always in consultation so that you get a valuable consideration. 


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"Why I volunteer at the Brakkenfestival? I do it for the kids, things are well organized and it's fun!" Erik, 28 years

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